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Getting an appointment with him through my new GP was very worthwhile because I found him a very sympathetic specialist with a positive attitude towards ME/CFS
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They will talk about how the real issue is mental illness
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The former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Criminal Minds” star became enraged when the woman said she was leaving him at a Saratoga Springs, N.Y
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The WHO’s new guidelines are linked to the United Nation’s joint agency on HIV/Aids 90:90:90 targets
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“This is where people leave money or gifts to the charity in their will
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The Company was taken private by KKR in 2007, and now they are looking to raise up to $3.6 billion with this IPO which would make it the biggest IPO this year for a U.S
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Environmental and health groups argued that the rules fall short
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In 1957, the country's government asked Benjamin Britten to write it an anthem
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Former Cardozo standout Duane Woodward is one of Monmouth’s assistant coaches
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But we’re going to have to change our laws
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This breakthrough shows that computer chips made of carbon nanotubes will be able to power systems of the future sooner than the industry expected.”
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That their mother means a lot to so many of them.
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“Many of them were originally two- or three-family houses that have been converted.”
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By and large, the state of the running back position is in flux
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GM said it has also invented a patented, industry-first welding technology that enables the welding of aluminum to steel
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"The Rugby World Cup gets watched in India - perhaps not as widely as the football or the cricket but it does get watched
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The gains were broad-based, with only six stocks falling
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There would be no reason to even consider that Lindberg might play center for this year’s team unless Moore or Stoll were out of the picture.
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Every sector of life remains under Israeli de jure or de facto control
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Then she hops in her infrared sauna (“It helps your skin look great from the inside out”) before showering and doing a quick skin-care routine
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Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S
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The former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Criminal Minds” star became enraged when the woman said she was leaving him at a Saratoga Springs, N.Y
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Moore is another example of Vigneault’s occasionally arbitrary impatience.
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I'm saying this because I believe it deeply
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Yet my big diesel car is taxed far lower than my wife’s petrol one because tax here is only assessed on carbon dioxide.
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The fact that a few hundred Taliban fighters defeated thousands of Afghan security forces - up to 7,000 according to some reports - is also embarrassing for the central government in Kabul
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but which properties would have been chosen if the board was designed today? Move over, Mayfair - there's a new square on which to park your hotels
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If they do this, then Schengen will not be at risk.
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“There’s been a lot of comments about how specific ”#”ICD10” is, but I have been surprised with how many codes are even less specific than ICD-9,” said Dr
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Standing in the background is Liu Yujing
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He was outvoted by nine other officials on the central bank’s rate-setting committee who chose to hold rates steady until they had a better handle on the implications for the U.S
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Or, with just eight races left in his full-time and for-the-foreseeable future career, that could be his last Sprint Cup win.
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I'm saying this because I believe it deeply
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Yet even consumers who have thought about those repercussions have their justifications for downloading these programs
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If you have the technology to detect something, you are without a doubt going to find more of it
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Martin aslo admitted in a comment on his LiveJournal that these rumors are not true, saying, "No one is working on any movie just now
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"But it is a change we will anticipate and we expect to lead."
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Photos revealing IS destruction of Palmyra's ancient temples triggered international outrage.
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That’s some emotional heat—something this show could use some more of.
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"The important thing is to see that the gap has beenincreasing by model year
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Their strategy is just different...Don’t give in to the madness Paul and Cruz supporters It’s not worth getting into a fight with each other when both sides should be allies.
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"They started the process of safe re-start," PDVSA said, adding national fuel supplies were guaranteed from inventories
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If the Canada-European Union deal is anything to go by, this process could take not just weeks butmonths
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Forward looking statements may be identified with such words as expects, will, anticipates, estimates, believes, or by statements indicating certain actions may, could, should/might occur.
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After pledging during his first presidential campaign to tighten ozone limits, Obama backtracked in 2011 by yanking the EPA's proposed ozone limits amid intense pressure from industry and the GOP.
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Mosaic has also agreed to set up a $630 million trust fund into which the company will invest until the fund reaches $1.8 billion
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As a result, Foster Farms told Reuters, its total water use increased by 6 percent from 2014 to 2015.
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The additions of Matt Beleskey and Jimmy Hayes also filled glaring holes up front.
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But whatever track Joaquin takes, "we're becoming increasingly confident and concerned about the heavy rainfall."
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"Our psychotherapists are often surprised to hear callers speak of deprivation and neglect in childhood in a minimising way
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We have a lot of players who kind of do a similar role.''
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A series of package bombs exploded on Wednesday in the southwest China city of Liuzhou, killing at least seven people and injuring 51, state media said
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A court is expected to decide the matter ahead of his deposition.
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When roads are unsafe, we fix them to reduce auto fatalities
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As a group that’s how you get more chances at the plate
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because of her refusal to sign marriage licenses for gay couples.
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Nothing that ever mattered came for free
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Babies begin accumulating their own custom bacterial community, or microbiome, at birth
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It's interesting though to see Ted Cruz aiming at former Ron Paul supporters and libertarians