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The opposition "won" not because of superior skills or strategy but because Boehner is far more principled than they

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That was a problem in the first two losses, especially when they were unsuccessfully trying to run out the clock

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Such information is coveted by criminals for use in identity theft and other types of fraud.

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Perhaps Lindberg (8-of-12 for 67% on Wednesday night) is considered a solution there.

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With the central bankers meeting again later this month, all eyes will be on how much the job-market scorecard bolsters the case for the Fed to move

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“They didn’t have to call me”.

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We are perfectly capable of keeping London moving without Uber - Kabbee has been doing this since 2011

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Iranians have staged daily protests near the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, and President Hassan Rouhani devoted a significant part of his speech at the U.N

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A deal would be a legacy-defining achievement for U.S.President Barack Obama

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allies including Arab states and Turkey.

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Its stainless steel body is water and dust resistant

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because of her refusal to sign marriage licenses for gay couples.

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On Thursday, some Republicans also criticized him, and urged him to clarify his remarks.

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At least two police officers who rushed to the community college killed the gunman in a shootout, Hanlin told reporters

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Britain’s Conservative Party holds its annual conference in Manchester from Saturday and, as is the tradition, rifts over Europe will dominate

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EDT (1230 GMT), will almost certainly show the U.S

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Some good vibes for the G-men, but they’ll face the toughest defense they’ve seen thus far and have to deal with the impressive Tyrod Taylor

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Podcasts and television areboth passive mediums, but TV is arguably more so

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Perhaps one of the highlights of this season is Gaga, who plays the lusty Countess

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The other watches —the ones available to press —were turned off, so my impressions are limited to looks only.

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The spraying of champagne was mostly over, but players were lingering in the clubhouse, savoring the moment

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Techradar had a conversation with somebody using Translator, ourselves speaking English and them speaking Italian

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The main reason why is that this app is a pure joy to use

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By 2011, when the average age of the women was 66, 368 had died as a result of heart disease.

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But the bigger the CHP, the greater the primary energy consumption and the harder it becomes to meet the energy target

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All three men had denied insulting religion during their trial

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"That's all Ican tell you right now."

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After days of confusion, the Vatican issued a statement Friday clarifying Francis' Sept

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The Monopoly board game went on sale 80 years ago..

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Gaddafi was captured and killed two months later.

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The NHS in England is attempting to save 22 billion by 2020

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China's economic growth will be largely stable in the third quarter as the impact from a stock market plunge will be limited, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday

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Despite the government's good intentions, the hungry crowds here feel that China's complicated food problems won't disappear in a hurry.

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We relied on the guys to pull us up, haul us over and stand on – at one point I even climbed on top of a man’s head to give me enough height to climb over a wall.

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But the free plastic bag rapidly became contentious

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Such a change in the nature of eruptions -- from frequent but small to occasional but enormous -- could have been brought on by the shock of the asteroid impact, he said

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They’re inspiring tales of animals who are given new life as a result of the RSPCA's activities

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This has profound international significance

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"The fire burned for quite some time."

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The new standard is below the current standard of 75 parts per billion but at the high end of a range announced by the EPA last fall.

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How many of them do you know? From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

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That came in a public letter Thursday addressed to the company's customers, employees and "communities where we live and work."

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I no longer have "bad mood" days, even when the weather isn't the best out.

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sales for September showed little indication of an impact, though its problems only emerged late in the month

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jobs data later in the day which could giveclues over the timing of an interest rate hike.

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It’s like there’s giant sock down my pants, and frankly, I love it.

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outflows are running at $138 billion,dwarfing the $32 billion received last year.

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Unfortunately, this led to the shutdown of 2013 and he wasn't willing to lead them there again — especially not over, of all things, defunding Planned Parenthood

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But he added it had said in the past that it needed a minimum of 10 billion euros in net cash to run the business.

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With one punch or kick potentially earning a violent knockout, it is sometimes difficult to determine who will come out the victor come fight night.

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However, there are worries a rate hike could also add to uncertainty in global financial markets as many countries struggle with slower than average economic growth.

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The Rangers’ magic number sits at one to clinch the AL West, which means that they need just one more victory or a loss by the second-place Astros

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So does the dog lover ever rue her missed trip? “I’ll get my foreign holiday one day,” she laughs

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“The emails are pretty nice at this point,” he explains