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Spores come from fungi and moulds.

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"We are finally starting to see what really happened with Autonomy

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I just assumed it would be like this every year,” said Gardner, who came up in 2008

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this year, international risks threaten to dent growth and depress inflation, as Federal Reserve policy makers noted in September when they delayed raising interest rates

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Things have improved enough for incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho to claim he got things right

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'If you're a Christian, stand up

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“It controls your depth of field – the distance at which objects are in focus.” Hibbert had to capture a flower in close-up and dancers behind it, so this was a fine calculation.

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Last year, it invested more cash in the company.

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“Where the standard-width of a brownstone runs 18 to 20 feet, you definitely see more 21 to 24 footers along Pacific St.,” said Brooklyn broker James Cornell of the Corcoran Group

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In any case, ICANN rules about brands, intellectual property and domains would have seen the domain revert to Google's ownership if it had been transferred.

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NHS Lambeth CCG is offering payments to practices which move towards the average 2014-15 referral rate per 1,000 patients.

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Reduced features, cheap labour and less steel made it affordable for much of the population.

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Environmentalistsfear India's emissions will jump as the use of cars, air traveland air conditioning grows among its 1.2 billion people.

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Despite my disabling illness I continued in my teaching job for two more years, falling into a repeated pattern of collapse and recovery

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And yet, I actually think that this move shows exactly why government intervention isn’t needed

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I thought he played fast from the pocket

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You are responsible for what you say


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New Tauron chief executive Jerzy Kurella was quoted by thePuls Biznesu daily on Friday as saying the Brzeszcze minetakeover was important for Tauron and should be carried out "assoon as possible".

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In fact, the Oxford English dictionary has the following definition

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“Having children is a huge commitment, both financially and emotionally

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datathat is expected to show the creation of more than 200,000 jobsin September, said Andy Sommer, senior energy analyst at AxpoTrading in Dietikon, Switzerland.

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According to survivors, the gunman at one point ordered cowering students to stand up and state their religion before shooting them one by one.

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According to the HKMA, the latest intervention will liftthe aggregate balance - the sum of balances on clearing accountsmaintained by banks with the authority - to HK$366.478 billionon Oct

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“We congratulate the government for taking decisive action to protect this incredibly special area from mining and fishing

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This is having a palpable impact on the rental sector and flatsharers," said Albin Serviant of EasyRoomate.

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Houston, which did not play, is three games behind the Rangers

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She went to Anguilla and when she came back, the first thing she said was "we've gotta work on that track" and she immediately came up with the title.

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It's an esoteric argument, but an illuminating one

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With retirement, Flowers plans to get a boat and spend more time on Alabama's Gulf Coast

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You’ll also have a choice to enable search for family-friendly videos, or you can disable it to limit your child to just a select set of video content

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The accusations of mismanagement of the pilgrimage strike at a key pillar of the Saudi royal family's prestige

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But these Yankees bear little resemblance to even their last postseason team of 36 months ago

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Obesity-related illnesses place an unnecessary and completely avoidable strain on our beleaguered NHS – not to mention loved ones.

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It is likely that some jobs will be impacted but it’s premature to discuss the details as we are in the early stages of the process.

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Another four men are absconding.

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To have it be gone in the way it was gone, it wasn't like I decided to stop on my own, it was the injuries."

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Separately, a White House official said Obama would sign just-passed legislation allowing states to opt out of another requirement of the health care law

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Accept the price, the butterflies and sickness

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Pupils enjoyed a royal-themed street party at lunch time, with each year group decorating the placemats to show the different decades since the 1920s.

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The company shares have dropped 12.34% in the past 52 Weeks

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Besides, my parents live in Worcester (Mass.) and are big Red Sox fans

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The only blemishes on his linescore were two runs in the second inning.

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Migrants wait to board buses on a field near the village of Babska, Croatia September 23, 2015

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